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About Us

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Banghua International Granulation Engineering Co., Ltd (hereafter referred as Banghua) was established in 2008. Combining process, engineering experience and manufacturing capabilities, Banghua positions itself in the market of advanced process solutions and process equipment. Banghua provides advanced process technology and complete sets of equipment according to  customer’s specific requirements. Since 2008, Banghua focus on:


● Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) Production Line (Granulation Line or Flaking Line)

● Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4) Production Line

● Calcium Hypochlorite Production Line

● Hot Air Furnace & Heat Exchanger

● Rotating belt Condensation Granulator


Banghua has cooperated with clients from Japan, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other countries. Our highly efficient and stable technology creates great value for our customers and has won high praise from our customers. Sustainable cooperation and partnership is our goal, and sincerely hope to establish long-term mutual beneficiary relationship with more global customers.


Banghua avails one design center and two manufacturing sites, with a total covered surface in excess of 10000 m2. Proprietary equipment is manufactured in the two manufacturing facilities.


About Us


Jinan Factory

Complete Granulation Equipment, Hot Air Furnace and etc.

About Us


Nanjing Factory

Titanium and titanium alloy equipment, tank, Heat Exchanger and etc.



Company Name:Banghua International Granulation Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Add: 30th floor, Haixin Tianchen Center B, No.299, Tianchen Road, Gaoxin District, Jinan, China

Tel :86-0531-88876687
Fax :86-0531-88870667
E-mail :
banghua@ca-bh.com  cnbanghua@ca-bh.com


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