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The manufacturer of Calcium chloride production line will show you: What is calcium chloride

Calcium chloride production line manufacturers tell you that calcium chloride (commonly known as chlorolime) is a calcium salt composed of chlorine and calcium.

Proper maintenance of Calcium chloride production line

This article describes the correct maintenance of Calcium chloride production line

Advantages of Calcium chloride production line

Calcium chloride production line has strong moisture absorption and is generally used as a desiccant or snow melting agent. In general, calcium chloride is in liquid state below 68% concentration, and the dry product of this material has strong moisture absorption.

What are the characteristics of Kaolin dryer products

Kaolin dryer is a drying equipment, widely used in mining equipment. Divided into direct heat transfer Kaolin dryer and indirect heat transfer Kaolin dryer.

Do you know what the environmental protection standards of china Kaolin dryer are

Regarding the environmental protection standard of Kaolin dryer equipment, it is the goal that every manufacturer is constantly striving for; the problem of environmental pollution is also an issue that the whole society pays more attention to at the moment, and it is also the duty of every citizen to protect the environment.

What are the advantages of china Kaolin dryer

China Kaolin dryer is energy-saving, fast, scientific and reasonable:The dryer adopts a drum structure, and uses the radiation, convection and heat conduction of the hot air flow to conduct heat exchange to dry the material. The internal and external use is combined, which improves the working efficiency of the dryer equipment and has a significant energy-saving effect.

How to start the steel belt pelletizer

At present, the production technology of the plastics industry is constantly improving. Among them, the commonly used mechanical variable is the Steel belt pelletizer.

Steel belt pelletizer raw material process flow

The hot-melt materials in the upstream process are evenly distributed on the steel belt moving at a constant speed under the steel belt pelletizer through the distributor of the steel belt pelletizer.

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