Calcium chloride flake becomes an indispensable food additive in food processing


2023-05-09 10:49

In addition to its application in winter road deicing, calcium chloride flake also plays an important role in food processing and manufacturing.

calcium chloride flake
Calcium chloride flake can be used as a food additive to adjust the hardness, texture and taste of food. It can help food maintain freshness, prevent bacterial growth, and further extend the shelf life of food.
In addition, calcium chloride flake is also widely used in various foods such as milk products, soybean products and beverages. It can not only increase the nutritional value of food, but also improve the taste of food and increase people's demand for food taste.
However, care should be taken when using calcium chloride flake, as excessive use can have adverse effects on health. Therefore, when using calcium chloride flake in food processing, it is also necessary to follow the corresponding regulations and standards.
In general, calcium chloride flake plays an important role in food processing, providing a guarantee for the quality of food.

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