Calcium chloride granule manufacturers take you to understand the application of calcium chloride in deicing agents and cooling baths


2022-10-31 13:15

Calcium chloride granule manufacturers tell you that calcium chloride hydrate is laid on calcium chloride to prevent freezing, deicing and melting snow, but the melted salt water will damage the soil and vegetation along the way, and deteriorate the road concrete.

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The calcium chloride solution can also be mixed with dry ice to prepare a cryogenic cooling bath. Add the sticks of dry ice to the brine solution in batches until ice cubes appear in the system. The Calcium chloride granule manufacturer will tell you that the stable temperature of the cooling bath that can be maintained by different types and concentrations of salt solutions will vary.
Calcium chloride granule manufacturers tell you that in general, calcium chloride is commonly used as a salt raw material, and the required stable temperature can be obtained by adjusting the concentration, not only because calcium chloride is cheap and easy to obtain, but also because the eutectic temperature of calcium chloride solution ( That is, the temperature at which all the solutions condense to form granular ice salt particles) is quite low, up to -51.0 °C, so that the adjustable temperature range is from 0 °C to -51 °C.
The Calcium chloride granule manufacturer tells you that it can be realized in a dewar flask, and it can also be cooled by ordinary plastic containers when the volume of the dewar flask is limited.

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