CaCl2 production line manufacturers will show you whether calcium chloride is corrosive to water pipes


2022-11-21 10:59

CaCl2 production line manufacturers tell you that calcium chloride is widely used, one of which is used as a water treatment agent. So is calcium chloride as a water treatment agent corrosive to water pipes? Let me tell you about it today.

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1. As far as the product itself is concerned, the hydrochloric acid in the production process mainly reacts and neutralizes the aluminum ash. The manufacturer of the CaCl2 production line tells you that the obtained calcium chloride product still has a certain acidity, which is why we say Reasons not to eat and touch eyes etc, but its acidity is far from corrosive.
2. As far as water pipelines are concerned, some corrosion-resistant materials have been added to today's pipelines during production, mainly to cope with the stable work of some chemical liquids and pipelines under high vulcanization conditions. From the above content we analyze, first of all, the acid residue in calcium chloride products no longer has the chemical characteristics of corrosion, and with the update of pipeline transportation materials, the CaCl2 production line manufacturer tells you that for corrosive liquids The flow delivery can fully meet the requirements of use, so it is completely wrong to say that the water transported by pipelines after the calcium chloride has purified the water body is corrosive to the pipelines.
The above is the introduction to you today, I hope it will be helpful to you. We are a professional CaCl2 production line manufacturer with reliable product quality. Welcome new and old customers to consult and purchase.

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