CaCl2 flaking plant manufacturers take you to understand the use of calcium chloride in industry


2022-12-23 10:25

CaCl2 flaking plant manufacturers tell you that calcium chloride can help speed up the initial setting in concrete, but chloride ions can cause corrosion of steel bars, so calcium chloride cannot be used in reinforced concrete. Anhydrous calcium chloride can provide a certain degree of moisture to concrete due to its hygroscopicity.

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Calcium chloride is also an additive in plastics and fire extinguishers. It is used as a filter aid in wastewater treatment, as an additive in blast furnaces to control the aggregation and adhesion of raw materials to avoid furnace charge settlement, and as a diluent in fabric softeners.
CaCl2 flaking plant manufacturers tell you that the exothermic nature of calcium chloride dissolution makes it useful in self-heating cans and heating pads.
In the petroleum industry, calcium chloride is used to increase the density of solid-free brine, and it can also be added to the water phase of emulsified drilling fluid to inhibit the expansion of clay. The CaCl2 flaking plant manufacturer tells you that as a flux, it can be used as a flux to lower the melting point in the process of electrolyzing molten sodium chloride to produce metal sodium by the David method. Calcium chloride is used as one of the ingredients in ceramics, and it suspends the clay particles in a solution, which makes it easier to use the clay particles for grouting.

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