Care and maintenance of Fluidized bed granulator


2022-05-19 09:11

The working principle of the Fluidized bed granulator is to put the granulated material for coating into the fluidized bed, and the cold air enters from the heating chamber at the rear of the main machine. In the bed, the particles are fluidized in the bed, and the coating material is sent to the two-fluid atomizer by the infusion pump, and sprayed to the fluidized material after being atomized. A film is formed on the material to be coated, and the water is taken out of the machine by the exhaust after volatilization.

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Maintenance and maintenance of Fluidized bed granulator:
1. Frequently clean the Fluidized bed granulator equipment and its operating room to keep it clean;
2. Regularly disassemble the filter and use a soft brush to wash all parts, and remove the water in the lower part before each operation;
3. Regularly add edible vegetable oil so that the solenoid valve can be lubricated in time;
4. After each shift is completed, remove the condensed water in the tank;
5. Regularly use organic solvent to thoroughly clean the parts to avoid clogging;
6. Regularly check the air permeability of the cloth bag. The Fluidized bed granulator manufacturer tells you that once it is blocked, it should be cleaned in time, and it should also be cleaned when it is stopped and the variety is changed;
7. Regularly clean the orifice plate to avoid blockage. When the powder is fluidized, a channeling phenomenon will occur, resulting in poor fluidization;
8. After each shift, the filter screen at the bottom of the barrel should be cleaned to avoid clogging.
The maintenance and maintenance of the Fluidized bed granulator is introduced here, you can contact us if you need it.

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