​Belt condensation granulator needs to pay attention to the operation of production


2022-05-05 16:43

​Belt condensation granulator production and operation need to pay attention to the following points ​The correct operation of the Belt condensation granulator can prolong the service life of the equipment, but the use of the Belt condensation granulator has not been paid enough attention in our daily life, and it will also Cause some unnecessary problems, you need to keep the following points in mind.

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1. Pay attention to fire safety. Fire extinguishers must be placed around the Belt condensation granulator during the production process.
2. Do not use low-quality return materials with metal impurities or sediment (add a feeding iron remover to remove iron in plastics during the feeding process), and do not place metal objects that may fall near the feeding port. Falling into the feed hopper aggravates the wear of the screw and barrel, or causes jamming and damage. 3. When there is a fault or abnormal situation, it must be reported to the relevant personnel, and the maintenance personnel will handle it. If an abnormal phenomenon affecting safety is found, immediately press the emergency stop switch to cut off the power supply.
4. ​Belt condensation granulator should be operated in strict accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures, and no illegal operations should be performed in non-operating stations. To ensure the reliability of the safety device, the safety protection measures of the machine shall not be destroyed for the pursuit of efficiency.
5. ​Belt condensation granulator gearbox should be filled with lubricating oil that meets the requirements and replaced regularly.
6. It is operated by trained operators who are familiar with the performance and operating procedures of plastic mechanical structures.
7. ​Belt condensation granulator is in production and operation, the plastic temperature does not reach the set temperature, and when the heat preservation time is not enough, it is not allowed to start the screw.

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