Do you know these uses of Calcium chloride pellet


2022-04-26 11:31

Calcium chloride pellet manufacturers tell you that with the continuous development of science and technology, people's living standards continue to improve. In the past, people could only eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Now they can eat different seasons at any time. Of course, this is thanks to Calcium chloride pellet contributed.

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Calcium chloride pellet has a wide range of functions. It is often used as a desiccant to fill drying tubes. Macroalgae with calcium chloride desiccant can be used for the production of soda ash. Now Calcium chloride pellet is also widely used in daily life. Because Calcium chloride pellet is a white granular It is odorless and slightly bitter, and has strong hygroscopicity, so it is widely used in making desiccants, food preservatives, etc.
Our common canned fruit is one of them. Fruit is a food with a lot of water, and it is not easy to store. Although there are cold storages that can be stored, some fruits are not suitable for freezing, such as strawberries, peaches, etc. These kinds of fruits are very moisture and perishable and difficult to store. , It is difficult for us to eat it when it is not in season, but we can preserve it in another way, which is to use the preservative made of Calcium chloride pellet to preserve it effectively, so that we can eat the deliciousness we want . In addition, Calcium chloride pellet has many uses, such as land improvement agent, antifreeze and so on. Widely used in: desiccant, food additives, chemical production, electronic industry, water treatment, coal treatment, road treatment, medicine, smelting, tanning, papermaking, fabric sizing, printing and dyeing, snow melting agent, petroleum dehydration, plasticine production, Can be used for the preparation of calcium metal and so on.

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