Daily Safety Inspection of Industrial Hot Air Furnace


2022-03-16 15:24

Industrial Hot Air furnace is a thermal power machine, which has been widely used in my country in the late 1970s. Industrial Hot Air furnace has become a replacement product of electric heat source and traditional steam power heat source in many industries. Industrial Hot Air furnaces have many varieties and series. They are divided into two types: hand-fired and machine-fired by the way of adding coal, and coal, oil, gas furnaces, etc. by the type of fuel.

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Industrial Hot Air furnace safety inspection:
1. When overhauling the Industrial Hot Air furnace, use blind plates or other reliable cutting devices to prevent gas from entering from adjacent gas pipelines, and strictly implement the operation card system; gas protection personnel should monitor on-site.
2. The following regulations shall be observed when the internal maintenance and cleaning of the Industrial Hot Air furnace are carried out;
(1) The gas pipeline should be isolated by a blind plate, all valves except the flue valve should be closed, and the power supply of the valve should be cut off;
(2) The furnace should be well ventilated, the carbon monoxide concentration should be below 24ppm, the oxygen content should be between 18% and 21% (volume concentration), and the gas composition should be analyzed every 2 hours.
(3) When repairing the partition wall of the Industrial Hot Air furnace, use steel to support the partition to prevent the upper bricks from falling off.
3. When overhauling the inside of the hot air pipe, the manhole should be opened to prevent hot gas from entering.
4.Industrial Hot Air furnace must have water to cool down.

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