What problems should be paid attention to when using Industrial Hot Air furnace for the first time


2022-01-10 10:50

Industrial Hot Air furnace as a heating device, its use is also cyclical. The cold season of each year is the time when this equipment fully exerts its performance, and when the cold is gone, it will go into a dormant state. So what should we pay attention to when we start using Industrial Hot Air furnace every year?

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1. When using it for the first time after each dormancy, we should take high temperature protection measures for high temperature areas such as combustion chambers and purification rooms, mainly refractory bricks and refractory mud. When using the Industrial Hot Air furnace for the first time, the temperature of the furnace should not rise too high or too fast to avoid cracks or even cracks on the surface of the refractory material.
2. In terms of coal use, there is a difference between the Industrial Hot Air furnace used for the first time and the Industrial Hot Air furnace that has been used for a period of time. It is better to use some coal of better quality for the first use. Not only to improve the efficiency of coal combustion, but more importantly, it is necessary to choose the right coal. After calculation, we found that coal with a particle size of 50-60mm burns best in a coal-fired Industrial Hot Air furnace. For the common fixed industrial hot air furnace, all kinds of bituminous coal, anthracite and lignite are available.
3. For the treatment of the chimney, if it is not used for a long time, the chimney is likely to have some problems with the treatment of the flue gas. Industrial Hot Air furnace manufacturers tell you that the wet desulfurization method is generally recommended by Yidu, which is also the mainstream method in the industry. In addition, for the flue gas dust removal method we use the water film dust collector.

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