Working principle and characteristics of fluidized bed granulator


2021-11-23 15:33

The fluidized bed granulator manufacturer tells you to load a certain amount of particles into the bed as seeds in advance. The air passes through the blower or induced draft fan, and the heater keeps the temperature in a certain range, and then passes through the fluidized gas supply chamber to evenly distribute the fluidized gas through the sieve plate, and maintain the powder in a suspended fluidized state under the action of hot air. The fluidized bed granulator manufacturer tells you that the nozzle in the center of the fluidized bed atomizes the binder and makes the spray droplets come into contact with the powder and gradually agglomerate into granules.

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Features of fluidized bed granulator:
1. In the fluidized bed granulator process, the process from material mixing to drying is completely carried out in a closed device. The processing time is short, and there is no pollution and transportation loss. It can be directly granulated from liquid (solution, slurry, suspension, molten liquid, paste) fluidized bed granulation and extrusion molding granulation.
2. The fluidized bed granulator is mainly based on the binder as the medium to make the particles adhere to each other and aggregate into granules. Fluidized bed granulation has stronger regularity than ordinary complete mixing granulation. The granulation process is similar to the principle of rotating granulation.
3. The fluidized bed granulator has many influencing factors due to the concentration of multiple processes. According to reports, in addition to the spray factor, there are nearly 20 parameters that affect the entire process. So far, there is no correlation formula that can be used to predict the particle size change law of the material in the fluidized bed granulation process.

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