How to maintain the die head of Steel belt pelletizer


2021-10-12 15:09

Steel belt pelletizer is a kind of equipment that can quickly melt and pelletize the materials on the steel belt. The die is an important part of it. After using it, how to maintain it?

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In order to prevent the Steel belt pelletizer from shutting down due to mold failure, it is necessary to operate correctly and take protective measures to ensure that the mold can be used at any time. Careless or misuse during maintenance, cleaning or adjustment is the main cause of mold damage, so strict training is required for all personnel who contact the mold.
When the extrusion of the Steel belt pelletizer has pulsation, it is impossible to constantly adjust the baffle block of the slit die. He must also be able to judge whether the inlet pressure exceeds the limit based on the measurement results. In addition, it should be noted that the mold or the baffle cannot be adjusted quickly, and should be replaced appropriately in the adjacent area, otherwise the bolts and the baffle may be damaged. The scraper is manufactured to remove the melt in the mold to avoid scratching the wound mold. The gap width of the mold should also be measured with soft materials such as brass gauges.
The steel belt pelletizer manufacturer tells you that when the mold needs to be changed frequently, especially when the film and sheet are extruded, it needs to be operated by someone. Some people have experience in disassembling, inspecting and installing new molds before use. The disassembly, cleaning, repair and maintenance of the mold should be carried out in the designated place, which should be far away from the production site. Pay attention to cleaning the steel belt pelletizer and use corrugated cardboard to pad it. It should be equipped with a small crane when in use. When lifting by hand, the chain of the pulley block often damages the mold. In order to avoid this danger, you can consider using hemp rope, which can greatly shorten the time to replace the mold.
Through these descriptions, I believe that everyone has a deeper and deeper understanding of this equipment, and you can refer to the above content when maintaining it. Steel belt pelletizer manufacturers tell you that it can produce hemispherical, strip and flake products. Hope the above content is helpful to you.

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