Steel belt pelletizer raw material process flow


2021-09-29 11:40

The hot-melt materials in the upstream process are evenly distributed on the steel belt moving at a constant speed under the steel belt pelletizer through the distributor of the steel belt pelletizer. A continuous water spray device is installed under the steel belt to force the material on the steel belt to solidify quickly to achieve pelletization. The purpose of molding. What is the technological process of its raw materials?

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1. Granulator drying medium process: the drying medium enters the heater under the action of the Steel belt pelletizer, and the air temperature becomes high-temperature medium under the heating action of the heater, and then enters the material in the spray fluidized bed for drying effect. Then a small amount of fine powder is brought in. The cyclone separator under the action of the induced draft fan turns into cleaner gas under the separation action of the cyclone separator, enters the recovery dust collector, where the drying medium is washed and defogged, and then exported by the induced draft fan and discharged into the atmosphere Or recycle.
2. Raw material liquid process: Steel belt pelletizer adopts agglomeration coating granulation granulation granulation powder. The main raw material liquid is atomized by different nozzles under the action of the pump and becomes droplets of different sizes. Some droplets adhere and soak on the surface of larger particles, some droplets cover the surface of smaller particles, some droplets adhere to the fine powder, and some droplets become seeds.
3. Process flow of multi-component materials: powdery or fine-grained multi-component materials are crushed into fine powder under the action of the Steel belt pelletizer, and then enter the dryer of the Steel belt pelletizer to adhere to the main raw material liquid after atomization Under the action, it participates in the granulation process of agglutination and coating, and the granulated particles enter the screening machine to complete the subsequent processes.
The above is the process flow of Steel belt pelletizer raw materials, which can be used as a reference when using it. Due to the reverse bending of the steel belt at the discharge end, the bonding surface of the solidified material and the steel belt is separated, there is little dust during discharge, and the particle shape is completely protected.

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