Do you know what the environmental protection standards of china Kaolin dryer are


2021-09-14 11:58

Regarding the environmental protection standard of Kaolin dryer equipment, it is the goal that every manufacturer is constantly striving for; the problem of environmental pollution is also an issue that the whole society pays more attention to at the moment, and it is also the duty of every citizen to protect the environment.

customized Kaolin dryer
If Kaolin dryer equipment wants to meet environmental protection standards, it needs to pay attention to two factors: The first element is the heat source problem of Kaolin dryer equipment, which can be roughly divided into electricity, coal, gas, etc.; if you want Kaolin dryer equipment to meet environmental protection standards, It is necessary to use electricity or gas as the heat source to dry the materials; the second element is dust collection, as long as the dust collection work is done well, any heat source can be used to dry the materials.
The dust collection device is integrated with heat supply and dust collection. When the Kaolin dryer is used to dry materials, a large amount of dust will be discharged from the tail. At this time, the dust collection device at the rear of the Kaolin dryer will remove The gas discharged from the rear of the Kaolin dryer is sealed and collected by a dust collector to meet environmental protection standards.
Kaolin dryer equipment is simple to operate and easy to use. It can not only dry compound fertilizer, chicken manure, bean curd residue, bean dregs, pomace, ore, limestone, coal slime, medicine residue, graphite, metal powder, kaolin, clay, etc., but also use it In many industries, such as: chemical industry, food industry, mineral industry, metallurgical industry, agriculture and animal husbandry and other industries, it can be said that Kaolin dryer has multiple functions, which brings great convenience and convenience to consumers. Values.

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