What are the characteristics of Kaolin dryer products


2021-09-07 14:56

Kaolin dryer is a drying equipment, widely used in mining equipment. Divided into direct heat transfer Kaolin dryer and indirect heat transfer Kaolin dryer.

customized Kaolin dryer
 Features of Kaolin dryer products:
1. The dryer designed and produced with a multi-combination lifting device has made many technological innovations in the lifting device system. It adopts a new multi-combination lifting device and overcomes the "wind tunnel" of the traditional dryer. Phenomenon, the thermal efficiency is high, and the coal consumption is reduced by about 20%.
2. Kaolin dryer is suitable for a variety of combustion furnaces: high-temperature boiling furnace, coal powder injection furnace and manual coal charging furnace.
3. The transmission gears adopt pin-changeable gears, replacing the traditional cast steel gears, saving cost and investment, and greatly reducing maintenance costs and time.
4. The centralized control system can be used to realize the microcomputer central monitoring and management of large enterprises.
5. Kaolin dryer has a larger production capacity and can be operated continuously;
6. Kaolin dryer has simple structure and easy operation;
7. Kaolin dryer has fewer failures and low maintenance costs;
8. Kaolin dryer has a wide range of applications, it can be used to dry granular materials, and it is also very beneficial for those materials with high adhesion;
9. The operation flexibility is large, and the output of the product is allowed to have a large fluctuation range in production, which will not affect the quality of the product;
10. Kaolin dryer is easy to clean.
The above are the characteristics of Kaolin dryer, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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