The main process flow of Calcium chloride production line


2021-08-24 11:01

There are many methods for producing calcium chloride in the main process of the Calcium chloride production line, but the most used method is the hydrochloric lime milk method. The preparation of calcium chloride using this method mainly requires a five-step process. The following Calcium chloride production line manufacturers I will give you a specific introduction:

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1. Neutralize to fully neutralize hydrochloric acid and lime milk. When the pH value of the neutralized liquid reaches 8.5-9, the neutralization can be stopped. At this time, the neutralized liquid needs to be clarified.
2. Filter, filter the neutralized liquid, and the filtered waste residue can be used as building materials or discarded.
3. Decolorization treatment, use powdered activated carbon for decolorization. After decolorization, the activated carbon can be filtered out and can be processed and used or incinerated.
4. The manufacturer of alcium chloride production line tells you to crystallize after concentration, evaporate and concentrate the decolorizing liquid, then control the temperature of the liquid to 170 degrees Celsius, and cool and crystallize. The crystal obtained at this time is calcium chloride dihydrate.
 5. Drying, put the calcium chloride dihydrate in the drying box for drying. The temperature should be controlled well. The manufacturer of alcium chloride production line tells you that the temperature of 200 degrees Celsius can get dry calcium chloride dihydrate, the temperature is 260-275 Anhydrous calcium chloride products can be obtained within degrees Celsius.
The above is the introduction of the main process flow of the Calcium chloride production line. Based on the above information, we know that different temperatures can be used to obtain different calcium chloride products.

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