The granulation principle of fluidized bed granulator


2021-06-25 13:27

Fluidized bed granulator refers to the method in which the drug powder stays suspended and fluidized under the action of bottom-up airflow, and the binder liquid is sprayed from the upper or lower part into the fluidized chamber to make the powder agglomerate into granules, referred to as fluidized granulation Or boiling granulation. Fluidized bed granulation is also a kind of wet granulation.

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The structure of the fluidized bed granulator is actually very related to its working method. The fluidized bed granulator is mainly composed of the following parts: nozzles, catching bags, containers, sieve plates, air inlets and outlets, material inlets and outlets.
The working principle of the fluidized bed granulator is mainly that the purified air is heated and enters the container through the sieve plate, and then the hot material is added so that it can be fluidized. At this time, the binder must be sprayed in the form of a mist to make the material powder agglomerate into particle cores, which can gradually become larger to form full particles, and then need to be dried simultaneously. At this time, the liquid between the powders The bridge will be converted into a solid bridge, so that soft particles with a larger surface area can be obtained.
The above is the granulation principle of Fluidized bed granulator, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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