Calcium chloride production line manufacturers take you to understand the different forms of calcium chloride


2022-06-08 14:24

Calcium chloride production line manufacturers tell you that calcium chloride is an odorless and non-toxic granular, block or flake white crystal, which is easily deliquescent when exposed to the air, has strong drying and hygroscopicity, and is a physical reaction.

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Calcium chloride production line manufacturers tell you that solid calcium chloride and liquid calcium chloride are two different forms of calcium chloride, not only in different shapes, but also in their uses. In terms of uses, solid calcium chloride is widely used, for example, as a desiccant. Obviously, liquid calcium chloride cannot be used as a desiccant. In the field of liquid calcium chloride, solid calcium chloride can be used, and it can be dissolved in water. The Calcium chloride production line manufacturer tells you that in terms of cost, the advantage of liquid calcium chloride is that the cost of use is low, because it saves several subsequent processes and is easy to use. In terms of transportation, liquid calcium chloride is not conducive to transportation: especially long-distance transportation, special vehicles are required, and transportation costs are high. The Calcium chloride production line manufacturer tells you that if it is dissolved in water, liquid calcium chloride has an advantage, because there is no need to dissolve it any more, and there is no need to consider whether the dissolution is uniform or not.
The most commonly used solid calcium chloride is dihydrate flaky calcium chloride: the content of dihydrate flaky calcium chloride is generally about 74%, which is higher than that of liquid calcium chloride and lower than that of anhydrous calcium chloride. Calcium chloride dihydrate specifications include powder, flake, etc. Flake calcium chloride dihydrate is convenient to transport and use, so it is used in a large amount; the manufacturer of Calcium chloride production line tells you that powdered calcium chloride is the second, usually There are powdered calcium chloride dihydrate and anhydrous powdered calcium chloride. The content of powdered calcium chloride dihydrate is generally about 74%. It is a white powdery product and is used in daily life and industrial fields.

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