Features of Steel belt pelletizer


2022-08-03 10:42

The steel belt pelletizer distributes the hot melted materials in the upstream process on the steel belt moving at a constant speed below it through the pelletizer distributor. Continuous water spraying and cooling devices are installed under the steel belt to force the materials on the steel belt to move during the moving process. Fast solidification and cooling, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.

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Steel belt pelletizer manufacturers tell you that according to physical properties and process requirements, you can choose the form of pelletizers with different principles such as external rotation, internal rotation, reciprocating and gate type. According to physical properties and application requirements, the cloth forms such as intermittent dripping, continuous strip discharge and full width overflow can be selected to produce hemispherical, strip and sheet products respectively.
Features of Steel belt pelletizer:
1. Reduce dust, improve the operating environment; continuous operation, improve production efficiency; regular particles, the value of goods is improved.
2. Using thin steel strip for heat transfer and forced spray cooling, the hot-melt material can be rapidly solidified and formed.
3. Due to the reversing bending of the steel belt at the discharge end, the bonding surface of the solidified material and the steel belt is separated, the dust is very little during discharge, and the particle shape is completely protected.
 4. Both the steel belt and the distributor adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which can be easily adjusted and controlled according to the production capacity and physical properties.
5. The manufacturer of Steel belt pelletizer tells you to use three-stage temperature control to ensure stable and reliable system operation.

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