Introduction to the role of Industrial Heat Exchanger


2022-08-17 11:25

Industrial Heat Exchanger is actually an industrial heat exchanger, including not only factory plate heat exchangers, but also tubular heat exchangers. This needs to be designed and customized according to the user's working conditions, and the heat exchanger model suitable for the user's working conditions is selected.

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According to the different media handled by the user and the properties of the media, select the appropriate Industrial Heat Exchanger. Many wastewater evaporators are equipped with tubular heat exchangers, which can also be used in factory plate heat exchangers when the nature of the medium allows. When the properties of the main medium and the impurity content are not high, the use of a detachable plate heat exchanger is conducive to subsequent maintenance and cleaning. After all, plate heat exchangers are more convenient to clean and maintain than tubular heat exchangers.
In the face of wastewater evaporation with a relatively large amount of treatment, many customers still choose tubular heat exchangers. After all, the gap of plate Industrial Heat Exchanger is too small, and there are too many impurities in some media, which is easy to cause blockage...
In short, let’s analyze the specific problems in detail, combined with the user’s specific working conditions, and under the condition that the heat exchange efficiency is not affected, the user can choose between the tube type and the plate type. Just tell us your processing medium properties, temperature, flow rate, etc. Of course, the technical parameters you need to know will be different for different working conditions. Leave the rest to our Industrial Heat Exchanger manufacturers!

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