How the Pastillator Machine Works


2022-10-10 11:39

The Pastillator Machine uses thin steel strips for heat transfer and atomization spray cooling to rapidly solidify the melt. Easy maintenance, minimal wear and high productivity; quick product loading, unloading and changing. The Pastillator Machine can increase productivity and increase production profits; it can effectively eliminate dust, improve the environment, and significantly expand the viscosity range.

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The Pastillator Machine is mainly composed of blanking die, granulating and forming distributor, cooling and conveying stainless steel belt and pulley, spray cooling system, transmission system, heat preservation device, frame, scraper and so on. The blanking die granulation distributor is mainly composed of a die sleeve and a mandrel. The spray cooling system is mainly composed of a sprinkler head and a water holding pool. The transmission system is mainly composed of speed regulating motor, reducer and so on.
The hot-melt material from the upstream process is evenly spread on the steel belt moving at a constant speed below it through the Pastillator Machine distributor. The continuous spraying and cooling device is arranged under the steel belt to force the material above the steel belt to be rapidly cooled during the moving process. , curing, so as to achieve the purpose of forming granulation. According to the physical properties and usage requirements, the distributor can choose different forms such as intermittent dripping, continuous stripping and full-width overflow to meet the production of hemispherical, strip, sheet and other products of different shapes.

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