Calcium hypochlorite production line manufacturers take you to understand the characteristics and use of calcium hypochlorite


2023-01-07 15:04

The manufacturer of Calcium hypochlorite production line tells you that calcium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleaching powder, is often used in the bleaching process in chemical production. It acts quickly and has a good bleaching effect, and plays an important role in industrial production. However, since it is a strong oxidizing agent and harmful to humans, it should not be used for other purposes than in industry. When using, you should also pay attention to self-protection and avoid corrosion. In addition, its large amount of volatilization also has strong carcinogenicity, so care must be taken during storage.

Calcium hypochlorite production line
Used for bleaching, disinfection, sterilization and water treatment of wood pulp, silk, cloth and fiber. Chemical agent, radioactive substance disinfectant. This product is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, bactericide and deodorant for external use. Widely used in drinking water disinfection, hotel, restaurant, hospital disinfection and sterilization. For disinfection of bathrooms and swimming pools. The manufacturer of Calcium hypochlorite production line tells you that it is used for disinfection in food processing plants and dairy farms. It is suitable for infectious diseases such as routine disinfection, preventive disinfection and environmental disinfection in various public places. It can be used in silkworm breeding, livestock and poultry breeding, fish breeding and disinfection, as well as shrink-proof finishing of wool, bleaching of textile industry, algae removal of industrial circulating water and rubber chlorination agent.
It is easily soluble in water and will release a lot of heat and primary oxygen when it meets water. Explosions are caused by rapid decomposition on heating. Chlorine can be released by interaction with acids. Combustion can be caused by reaction with organic matter and oils. When exposed to light, it is easy to decompose and explode, producing oxygen and chlorine gas. Calcium hypochlorite production line manufacturers tell you that it is more stable than bleaching powder due to lower calcium chloride and water content. It will not decompose when stored at room temperature for more than 200 days. After one year of storage, the available chlorine content decreased by 6.6% and 14%, respectively.

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