What are the advantages of Calcium hypochlorite equipment


2023-02-09 15:11

Calcium hypochlorite equipment manufacturers tell you that the vibrating fluidized bed dryer is an exciting force generated by a vibrating motor to vibrate the machine, and the material jumps forward under the action of the exciting force in a given direction, and at the same time, hot air is input from the bottom of the bed to make the material fluidized In this state, the material particles are in full contact with the hot air, and a violent heat and mass transfer process is carried out, and the thermal efficiency is good at this time. The upper cavity is in a state of slight negative pressure, the wet air is drawn out by the induced draft fan, and the dry material is discharged from the discharge port, so as to achieve the ideal drying effect. If cold wind or humid air is sent into the bottom of the bed, cooling and humidification can be achieved.

Calcium hypochlorite equipment
Advantages of Calcium hypochlorite equipment:
1. The object is heated evenly, the heat exchange is sufficient, the drying strength is high, and the energy saving is 30%-50% compared with ordinary dryers;
2. The vibration source is driven by a vibration motor, with balanced operation, convenient maintenance, low noise and long life;
3. Uniform fluidization, no dead space and blow-through phenomenon, and uniformly dried, cooled and humidified products can be obtained;
4. Good adjustability, suitable for wide surface, material layer thickness, moving speed in the machine and full amplitude change can be adjusted steplessly;
5. It has little damage to the surface of the material, and can be used for drying fragile materials, and the working effect will not be affected when the material particles are irregular;
6. The fully enclosed structure effectively prevents cross-infection between materials and outside air, and the working environment is clean;
7. The manufacturer of Calcium hypochlorite equipment tells you that vibration is helpful for material dispersion. If proper vibration parameters are selected, materials that are easy to agglomerate or produce channeling in ordinary fluidized beds can be fluidized and dried smoothly;
8. Since there is no violent back-mixing, the air velocity is lower than that of ordinary fluidized beds, and the damage to material particles is small. Calcium hypochlorite equipment manufacturers tell you that during the drying process, it is required not to destroy the crystal form, or the material that requires the surface gloss of the particles is the most suitable.

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