Maintenance and maintenance of steel belt pelletizer


2021-05-13 10:30

For the Steel belt pelletizer cooling and conveying system, it is very important to keep the cooling system clean. The cooling conveyor steel belt is used in a dynamic cycle. If the steel belt conveyor is not sanitary, it will bring hidden dangers to the cooling conveyor system and affect product performance.

customized Steel belt pelletizer
For Steel belt pelletizer equipment: it may cause steel belt deformation (bulge), steel belt cracks, steel belt deviation or steel belt water leakage, and more serious may directly lead to steel belt rupture! Inspectors must pay attention to the hygiene of the steel strip on the return journey to see if there are any product particles or other foreign debris, and they must be cleaned up in time when they see it. Avoid unnecessary safety hazards and reduce unnecessary losses.
Although our Steel belt pelletizer has special cleaning brushes and baffles, if the production operator forgets to replace or adjust the height of the cleaning brushes and baffles in time, the fish that slipped through the net will rise with the steel belt and eventually will The belt and the hub are squeezed, causing irreparable damage to the steel belt.
For the products made: If the material at the blanking end of the steel strip is not completely peeled off, the following situations will result:
1. The blanking end leaks directly, which affects the hygiene of the workshop and severely wears the blanking scraper
2. The material is crushed under the squeeze of the steel belt and the steel belt supporting wheel, and falls off, which causes dust in the workshop and affects hygiene.
3. If the material is sticky and the steel belt of the Steel belt pelletizer has not been treated accordingly, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the next round of fabrics, which will eventually affect the product over time.    

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