Performance characteristics of Potassium sulfate equipment


2022-09-14 15:38

Potassium sulfate equipment is widely used in the drying and cooling of powdery, non-viscous, non-heat-sensitive products in chemical, building materials, mining and other industries due to its high thermal efficiency, low power consumption, and low tail gas entrainment. Such as: soda ash, refined salt, Yuanming powder, potassium chloride.

Low price Potassium sulfate equipment from China manufacturer
Performance characteristics of Potassium sulfate equipment:
1. Energy saving and high efficiency: Potassium sulfate equipment manufacturers tell you that since most of the heat is provided by a built-in heat exchanger with a heat exchange efficiency of about 90%, hot air is mainly used as a power medium to ensure normal fluidization, which is more efficient than conventional fluidized beds. The amount of hot air required by the dryer is greatly reduced, so the system power consumption and exhaust heat loss are also reduced accordingly, and the drying efficiency is high.
2. Small footprint and low system investment.
3. The manufacturer of Potassium sulfate equipment tells you that because the system operating air volume of the buried-pipe fluidized bed is lower than that of the conventional fluidized bed, the flow can be effectively reduced; the material entrainment and the loss in the fluidized bed will reduce the load of the dust removal system accordingly.

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