Three steps of Potassium sulfate equipment


2022-09-21 11:03

Potassium sulfate equipment is a new type of equipment for producing potassium sulfate. At the same time, under the constant stirring of the agitator, the reactants, sulfuric acid and potassium chloride will absorb a large amount of heat and then produce potassium sulfate and HCl gas, and potassium sulfate will be pushed out by the agitator.

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The potassium sulfate device is divided into three processes: potassium sulfate reaction process, potassium sulfate finished product packaging process, and hydrochloric acid absorption process. The whole set of Potassium sulfate equipment has the characteristics of reasonable design, advanced technology, easy operation and long service life. The new Potassium sulfate equipment breaks the traditional equipment material, not only all heat transfer, the heating speed is faster, but also the huge advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, high output, excellent quality, low energy consumption, from maintenance to preheating production, the cycle only takes about 10 days.
The potassium sulfate product produced by Potassium sulfate equipment contains more than 50% potassium, which is especially suitable for economic crops and can effectively improve the quality and quality of agricultural products. At the same time, it is also the basic raw material and intermediate of glass industry, dye industry, perfume industry and pharmaceutical industry.

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