What are the characteristics of Belt condensation granulator equipment


2023-02-23 13:28

Belt condensation granulator uses the low melting point characteristics of the material, according to the viscosity range of the material in the molten state, through a special distributing device, the molten liquid is evenly distributed on the steel belt moving at a constant speed below it, and the continuous spraying device is installed under the steel belt. Under the action of cooling, the material is cooled, solidified and packed during the process of transportation and transportation, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation and molding.

Belt condensation granulator
The work of the Belt condensation granulator changes from liquid to solid after conveying and cooling, and materials with a melting point in the range of 50°C-300°C can be granulated. No dust, which improves the production environment; and has a certain economic value (energy saving, economical packaging container). The product is replaced quickly, and the granular product is beautiful, uniform and nearly hemispherical, and has no thermal stress; the granular product is easy to pack, transport, store, It is also convenient for users to measure, mix or remelt, and can be continuously produced. From feeding to packaging, it reduces physical labor, has stepless speed regulation, adjustable flow rate, and is easy to operate. Widely used in petroleum, fine chemical and other industries. One machine is multi-purpose to make strips, cut pieces, and flakes; toxic materials can be used as closed.
Belt condensation granulator is a new type (melting) molding granulator. Using thin steel belt heat transfer and atomization spray cooling to make the molten liquid be solidified and formed rapidly, and a single machine rotating shell is adopted. The result is easy maintenance, minimal wear and high productivity. Quick and easy loading and unloading and product replacement. Moreover, the drop die forming machine and the steel belt run synchronously, so uniform ingots can be produced at high speed, which improves productivity and increases production profits. And can eliminate dust, improve the environment, significantly expand the viscosity range.

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