The working principle of Belt condensation granulator products


2021-11-02 10:20

Belt condensation granulator products can reduce dust and improve the operating environment; Belt condensation granulator can continuously operate, improve production efficiency, have regular particles, and increase product value.

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The working principle of Belt condensation granulator products:
The hot-melt materials in the upstream process are evenly distributed on the steel belt moving at a constant speed through the distributor of the granulator. A continuous spraying and cooling device is installed under the steel belt to force the materials on the steel belt to be rapidly cooled during the moving process. Solidification, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation and molding. According to the physical properties and technological requirements, different types of granulator distributors such as external rotation type, internal rotation type, reciprocating type and gate type can be selected. According to physical properties and usage requirements, cloth forms such as intermittent dripping, continuous striping and full-width overflow can be selected to produce hemispherical, strip-shaped and sheet-shaped products respectively.
Belt condensation granulator is suitable for all kinds of materials whose melting point (softening point) is within 250℃ and needs to be condensed and granulated. Typical application materials are: sulfur, paraffin, resin, asphalt, maleic anhydride, partial anhydride, stearic acid products, heat Sol, m-phenylenediamine, urea, rubber and plastic additives, etc.
Belt condensation granulator products use thin steel belts for heat transfer and forced spray cooling, so that hot melt materials can be quickly solidified and formed. Due to the reversing and bending of the steel belt at the discharge end, the bonding surface of the solidified material and the steel belt is separated, there is very little dust during discharge, and the particle shape is completely protected. Both the steel belt and the distributor adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which can be conveniently adjusted and controlled according to the production capacity and physical properties. Belt condensation granulator adopts three-stage temperature control to ensure stable and reliable system operation.

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