Advantages of Calcium chloride production line


2021-08-17 15:12

Calcium chloride production line has strong moisture absorption and is generally used as a desiccant or snow melting agent. In general, calcium chloride is in liquid state below 68% concentration, and the dry product of this material has strong moisture absorption. The powdery product obtained by spray drying of the Calcium chloride production line is porous and spherical, which absorbs moisture. The speed is very fast, the wall sticking in the drying tower is serious, the discharge is difficult, and the application range of powdered calcium chloride is relatively narrow.

customized Calcium chloride production line
Calcium chloride production line adopts fluidized bed spray granulation drying system equipment for calcium chloride granulation drying, which has the following advantages:
1. The overall thermal efficiency of the system is high, and all the available heat in the system adopts a reasonable heat recovery process, which saves energy by 30% compared with other companies.
2Calcium chloride production line adopts this process to produce a multi-product with one machine, which can produce granular 77% calcium chloride and anhydrous calcium chloride according to needs.
3. By changing the atomizer, this machine can realize the conventional spray drying method to produce powdered calcium chloride as required.
4. The external detachable nozzle is adopted, and the nozzle can be inspected and repaired without stopping the machine.
5. The large-caliber nozzle is used to ensure the smoothness of the nozzle atomization and continuous operation.
6. The main machine of the granulating dryer is maintenance-free equipment, because there is no operational equipment, especially no high-strength vibration devices.
7. Compared with other equipment, especially vibrating fluidized bed dryer, the Calcium chloride production line does not require maintenance, runs stably, and has low operating costs.

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