Installation requirements and operation process of fluidized bed granulator


2021-07-26 10:48

The fluidized bed granulator puts the granular material for coating into the fluidized bed, and the cold air enters from the heating chamber at the back of the main machine, and the initial effect is achieved. Medium-efficiency filtration. The heater is heated to the temperature required by the inlet air and then enters the fluidized bed. The particles are fluidized in the bed. The coating material is sent to the two-fluid atomizer by the infusion pump, and sprayed to the fluidized material after atomization. A film is formed on the material to be coated, and the exhaust air is taken out of the machine after the water volatilizes.

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Fluidized bed granulator installation requirements:
1. Host installation
The main engine has been installed in the factory, and the whole machine is out of the factory. After unpacking, check whether the connections are loose and require tightening.
2. Compressed air pipeline
All pipes have been connected to the corresponding positions when they leave the factory, and have enough length. After unpacking, place the control cabinet on the left side of the main unit and arrange the air pipes as necessary. Because the air compressor is installed separately from the main engine, the user leads the pipeline to the corresponding joint of the control cabinet.
3. Installation of peristaltic pump
It runs smoothly and does not need to be positioned with bolts. It is recommended that the user choose an appropriate position (on the right or front right of the host), but it should not be too high or lower than the coating liquid level to facilitate the coating material to flow into the pump when starting.
Operation process of fluidized bed granulator:
1. Preparation for operating fluidized bed granulator
(1) Check whether the lubricating oil is added to the air compressor, and whether there is cooling water in the air storage tank, and drain it.
(2) Check whether there is oil in the lubricator and fill it up (edible vegetable oil).
(3) Check if liquid is added to the feed pipe of the peristaltic pump.
(4) Turn on the power supply of the control cabinet.
(5) Turn on the power supply of the air compressor, start it, and adjust the output pressure to 0.45Mpa.
(6) Check the ammeter. The voltmeter indicates whether it is good.
(7) Turn on the switch of the meter, check whether the temperature meter is correct, and set the inlet air temperature.
(8) Atomizer adjustment
Take out the spray gun and start the infusion pump.
Manually adjust the atomization pressure to 0.5~1.5MPa (depending on the coating viscosity and spraying speed), then close the spraying, adjust the compressed air pressure, the pump speed and the adjustment cap before the atomizer until the atomization is good.
2. Coating
(1) Install the spray gun in place and tighten the lock cap.
(2) After putting the material into the hopper, it is sealed with the middle cylinder.
(3) Fan frequency conversion
(4) Start the fan.
(5) Gradually fine-tune the frequency conversion until the material is thrown to the mirror of the middle cylinder and locked.
After the above work is ready, the automatic program can be used for granulation and coating.
The above is the installation requirements and operation process of the fluidized bed granulator, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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