Maintenance methods and precautions of fluidized bed granulator


2021-07-19 11:16

Today, I will explain the maintenance methods and precautions of the fluidized bed granulator. I hope to be helpful.
Maintenance methods of fluidized bed granulator:

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 1. Check all connections regularly to ensure that there is no looseness. If looseness is found, it should be reinforced immediately.
 2. Check for any abnormal phenomena at any time, and stop the machine for maintenance immediately after discovery.
 3. Feeding should be uniform and continuous, the moisture content of the feed and the inlet air temperature should be relatively stable and within the rated design range, and the air inlet volume should be adjusted according to the current status of the material.
 4. Note that the temperature of the vibration motor should not be higher than 65°C, otherwise the cause should be found out.
 5. The height of each weir should be adjusted according to factors such as material volume, moisture content, air volume, and inlet air temperature.
Precautions for using fluidized bed granulator:
 1. Routine maintenance should be carried out for the fluidized bed granulator every day, such as: adding grease, tightening screws on vibration parts, etc.
 2. Regularly clean the orifice plate of the fluidized bed granulator, eliminate the hole blockage, remove the accumulated material, and open the discharge hole of the lower box to clean up the leakage under the orifice plate.
 3. Check whether there is any damage to the soft connection every two weeks. If there is any damage, replace it in time.
 4. The bearings are cleaned every three months and the lubricating grease is changed.
 5. Regularly check whether the discharge valve of the cyclone separator is tight. If any air leakage is found, repair it in time.
 6. The maintenance and maintenance of the motor, fan, and reducer should refer to the corresponding fluidized bed granulator manual for maintenance.

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