9 characteristics of fluidized bed granulator


2021-07-05 10:01

The working principle of the fluidized bed granulator: The material powder particles are in a circular fluidized state in the raw material container (fluidized bed). They are preheated and mixed by the purified heated air, and the binder solution is atomized and sprayed to make several The particles aggregate into agglomerates containing a binder. Due to the continuous drying of the material by the hot air, the water in the agglomerates evaporates and the binder solidifies. This process is repeated continuously to form ideal and uniform microporous spherical particles.

customized fluidized bed granulator from China manufacturer
There are many characteristics of fluidized bed granulator, mainly:
1. The fluidized bed granulator can be granulated by powder to improve fluidity and reduce dust flying.
2. Improve the solubility of powder through granulation; mixing, granulating and drying can complete one-step granulation in one machine.
3. Using anti-static filter cloth, the equipment is safe to operate; the pressure relief hole is set, once an explosion occurs, the equipment personnel will not be injured.
4. It adopts manual turning over and unloading, which is convenient, rapid and thorough, and can also design an automatic in and out system according to requirements.
6. The loading and unloading is light and fast, flushing clean, and meets GMP specifications.
7. The hopper can be equipped with a stirring device to avoid agglomeration of moist materials, especially dust materials due to electrostatic absorption.
8. The internally open structure of the fluidized bed avoids dead corners.
9. The fluidized bed granulator can be interfaced with a high-efficiency wet-process material making machine and a swing granulator. The wet materials (powder and granules) are sucked into the room through negative pressure for drying, avoiding multiple transfers of materials.
Fluidized bed granulator can be applied to the following aspects: granulation in the pharmaceutical industry: tablet granules, granular granules, capsule granules; granulation in the food industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, granular juice, condiments, etc.; manufacturing in other industries Granules: pesticides, feeds, fertilizers, pigments, dye chemicals, etc.; drying of powdery or granular wet materials. Coating: granule, pill protective layer, color preparation, slow release, film, enteric coating, etc.

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