What are the advantages of china Kaolin dryer


2021-09-17 11:58

China Kaolin dryer is energy-saving, fast, scientific and reasonable:
The dryer adopts a drum structure, and uses the radiation, convection and heat conduction of the hot air flow to conduct heat exchange to dry the material. The internal and external use is combined, which improves the working efficiency of the dryer equipment and has a significant energy-saving effect.

customized Kaolin dryer
2. Kaolin dryer has good craftsmanship and wide application range:
China Kaolin dryer adopts hot air drying technology and has strong ability to adapt to materials. It is suitable for drying various materials such as slag, clay, kaolin, coal slime, iron powder, etc. The machine is simple in design, stable in operation and large in output. China Kaolin The dryer is also suitable for many industries, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials industry, etc. The machine uses supporting rollers instead of gear movement, reducing the loss of Kaolin dryer.
3. This machine occupies a smaller area than a single drum dryer, and the performance of the thermos cup of this equipment is better, it can recycle the heat source well, the color of chemical materials is good, and the surface temperature of the china Kaolin dryer is low. , Which greatly reduces the heat loss.
4. Special design inside the drum: different lifting plates are installed inside the drum, and the combination of the angle-shaped lifting plate and the 4D lifting plate enables the material to be heated evenly inside the drum and the drying effect is fast.
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