The working principle of Kaolin dryer products


2021-08-31 13:54

The manufacturer of Kaolin dryer tells you that kaolin is a very important clay mineral, and it is also a relatively widely used material in my country's industrial applications. With the increase in demand for kaolin in various industries, the traditional drying method is far from being able to meet the production needs. Kaolin dryer caters to market development needs and has become the equipment for kaolin dehydration and drying.

customized Kaolin dryer products
Kaolin dryer is a rotary drum dehydration drying equipment, which has the characteristics of large drying capacity, good drying quality, low combustion consumption and low dehydration cost.
Kaolin dryer adopts a self-aligning supporting roller structure. When kaolin is dehydrated and dried, it can achieve a good match between the supporting roller and the rolling ring, which greatly reduces the wear and power consumption of the dryer.
The blocking wheel structure designed by Kaolin dryer greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused by the inclined work of the dehydration dryer, has a strong anti-overload ability, and the cylinder runs smoothly and reliably.
The working principle of Kaolin dryer:
Kaolin with relatively high moisture content is put into the drying cylinder of the dehydrator through the feeding device, and is in direct current or countercurrent contact with the hot air generated by the hot blast stove. Due to the low temperature of kaolin itself, when it is exposed to high-temperature flue gas, the moisture on the surface will quickly evaporate and dry. At this time, with the rotation of the Kaolin dryer drum, the staggered arrangement of various slabs in the drum of the main machine will continuously flip up and throw the kaolin, increasing the contact area between the kaolin and the hot air flow, and speeding up the drying process of the wet kaolin material. Finally, the Kaolin dryer is dehydrated and dried to a certain degree of required kaolin products, and discharged through the conveyor at the discharge end to complete the entire dehydration process.

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